This new Sarahah hack does it really work?

Hey there! Today I want to talk about this new Sarahah hack available on the internet. With the buzz that this app makes, this site will be very useful to you! Indeed, with a simple Sarahah username, its now possible to know who send you note on the app. YES you read correctly. It may seem strange that an app can be hacked as easily. In fact, Sarahah is a very recent app that still lacks some protection.

You can find this Sarahah Hack just here ! This site learn how to hack sarahah and apparently reveal the anonymous users. Don't waste your time and try this baby !

I share a small tutorial to know how use the website sarahah reverse:

1. Go to
2. Click to the access button
3. Enter Sarahah username
4. Choose what you want to reveal
5. Enjoy !

If you asking yourself what is Sarahah, let me explain you fastly.

Sarahah is an application that has enjoyed great success since July. This app allows to send criticisms, or message to users without knowing the identity of the sender (of the interest of sarahah hack). With the last snapchat update, a large number of shared their Sarahah username to start to receive messages ! With the snowball effect, Sarahah is became the most downloading app of google store, and I like to say that is not finish ! 

A youth-oriented app? 

The success of this app is mainly due to the success it has obtained with the young people of the United kingdom and the United states. Indeed, in the countries of the "North", the concept of anonymity especially appeals to young people. This is not without danger, we all know the delicacy of young people with the others ... So imagine what can happen under cover of anonymity. 

Indeed, Many scandals have begun to emerge. Some childrens have been harassed by others on Sarahah… It reminds us how young people can be cruel on the internet. I imagine you are beginning to understand the usefulness of this kind of Sarahah hack online !

Tanks to read me and see you soon ! Peace



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